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What to Bring . . .

Dealing with taxes is not fun but we do try to make it painless!

Not sure what to bring to your next tax appointment?

Personal Information: 

  •    Prior year tax return(s)
  •    Driver’s license
  •    Date of birth and social security cards for all dependents

Health Care – Form 1095-A, B or C to show proof of health insurance coverage for self and all dependents

  • * if an HSA distribution was taken – medical receipts for usage
  • * proof of premiums paid, if not through employer

Income –

  •   W-2, 1099, 1098 and K-1 statements

(if you received Unemployment Income, you must log on to get your 1099-G

https://applications.labor.ny.gov/IndividualReg/ )

  •   Self employed – gross income received and expenses listed by category (we can provide a template)

(if use your home as an office, bring utility expenses, home improvements, direct office repairs, etc)

  •   Rental Property- gross rent received and expenses listed by category (we can provide a template)

(if a new property, bring closing papers/ purchase information)

  •   Gambling winnings – statements of wins and losses
  •   Investments – Brokerage statements, purchase date and price for any sales and any related expenses

(cost basis information is not always provided on tax statements and is not always correct)


  •   Home ownership – Mortgage interest statement and Real Estate taxes paid
  •   Estimated tax payments made
  •   Sales tax paid on big items (i.e. a new vehicle)
  •   Charity – records of cash and non-cash donations to religious organizations or other charities
  •   Unreimbursed job expenses – travel, cell phone, tools, uniform cost/clean, trade journals, continuing education/seminars, professional fees, meals & entertainment, job search, business use of home expenses

Childcare – Provider’s name, address, EIN and amount paid for the calendar year

Retirement – records of any IRA or other retirement contributions made

Education related expenses – Tuition and higher education expenses (Form 1098-T)

NY College 529 contributions

Residential Energy Credit – Qualifying properties are solar electric property, solar water heaters, geothermal heat pumps, small wind turbines, fuel cell property, and qualified biomass fuel property expenditures

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